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If you need to get from one corner of your block to the other, you follow the sidewalk. There's no need to deviate from the linear path.


But what if you are on a weekend hike in the woods? Certainly there is much pleasure to be found in exploring in a nonlinear fashion: The sound of a distant waterfall prompts you to veer off to the left; a less-followed trail suddenly reveals itself, branching off to the right. You make these choices spontaneously, and in the process learn your way around the landscape.

Edgeware is not designed to get you to the corner. Instead, it is a companion for exploring a challenging and exciting new landscape: complexity science.

The problem with new landscapes is that it is easy to get lost. That's why Edgeware features simple, navigational tools to facilitate your free exploration. If you are familiar with the hyperlink method of finding your way around the internet, then Edgeware will feel very familiar to you. The internet hyperlink metaphor was central in organizing these materials.

Tools to Assist You in Navigating the Edgeware Web Site:


  1. Margin links: Throughout Edgeware, you will see links alongside the text, located in the margins. These links represent related sections of the binder. The links will take you to further definitions, illuminations or illustrations of the concepts described at that point in the text. For example, the "exploring the woods" concept above is an example of metaphor. Right there in the margin is a link to the Aides section of Edgeware, indicating that an aide called "metaphor" is provided. To find it, simply click on the link and it will take you to the supporting material. To return to where you were, use the "back" button in your browser.

  2. Additional tools: To move around the web site we have also added a number of features to assist you. All the icons for each section of Edgeware are at the top of every page. There is a search feature for the site which will allow you to search all aspects of the site this is found in the margin on your left. Finally we have added a site map which shows you, on one screen, all the areas, rather like a table of contents for a book, and allows you to go directly to that section.

    Each main section begins with a list of topics on a table of contents page before the text begins. To get to the table of contents page for each section, click on the icon of the section you wish to visit at the top of every page. From the table of contents page, using your mouse, select the topic you wish to read first. You will know which topic you are reading because the title will turn green. When you get to the end of each page of text there is a next/previous/return to contents list feature which will return you to the list of topics or help you to move easily back and forth between each topic in a section.

    We see the web site as a place which will grow and change over time. Please feel free to send us your comments or recommendations for improving navigation. Comments should be directed to Arinne Edelman at VHA Inc. aedelman@vha.com

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