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Edgeware represents the combined contributions of many people. These people have every hope that you will copy and share these materials. The only request is that you respect their copyrights, and cite the contributors whenever sharing material.

The material may only be reproduced for educational purposes. If you wish to use any of the concepts in a for-profit context, please contact the author(s).

The design team wishes to acknowledge the special contributions to Edgeware by:

  • Ken Baskin, Ph.D., Baskin Consulting
  • Jeffrey Goldstein, Ph.D., Adelphi University
  • David Hutchens, iconoclast communications
  • Susan Scott, Scott Cartoons, Ltd.
  • Liz Rykert, Meta Strategies
  • Web Networks; site design and maintenance
  • ...and all of the hospital storytellers.

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Copyright 2001, Plexus Institute Permission to copy for educational
purposes only. All other rights reserved.