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Some Learning Approaches You Might Try:

The first half of this section of the Resource Kit provided conceptual food for thought as you and your learning group proceed in your exploration of the theory and application of CAS. Now we want to provide some concrete, practical ideas for learning experiences you might want to try with your group. But consider these as only suggestions to help get you started. Be imaginative. The best learning experiences will be the ones that the group decides upon itself. Adapt and create approaches to suit your context and the learning styles in your group.

Quick Index to the Approaches

The approaches provided here are in two "batches." The first batch involves using the resource materials provided in this Resource Kit. The second batch contains games, illustrations, and other activities that go beyond the Kit. The index below illustrates the diversity of applications illustrated here.

Learning Approach

Aids Learning About...

Applying the Principles

Exploring Tales

Reading Club

Multiple Perspectives

Paper Tear

Complexity Journal

The nine emerging complexity principles

Reflection, application of complexity concepts

Deep knowledge of complexity science

A specific CAS and the role of mental models

Min specs, and the futility of max specs

Reflection in a real, local, personal CAS

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