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Articles & Artifacts from
VHA Leadership Initiative

Those involved in the VHA Leadership Initiative - VHA health care organization executives, external faculty and VHA staff - have produced a growing number of articles, speeches, case studies and other artifacts which deal with learning about complexity science and its use on real health care issues. A number are cited here. Those shown in italics are included in the file cabinet section of Edgeware.

  • Panel Presentation - By John R. Kopicki, President and CEO, Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, at April, 1997 VHA Leadership Conference in session titled "The Practical Implications of Chaos and Complexity Theory." (Transcript of remarks which explored the use of the theory at Muhlenberg and offered personal reflections on a leader’s responsibilities.)

  • Speech - By James H. Taylor, President and CEO, University of Louisville Hospital, presented to the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Center, February, 1997. (Topic was complexity science and the leadership job.)

  • Conference Session Report - By Brenda Zimmerman, Ph.D., York University, on complexity oriented sessions at April, 1997 VHA Leadership Conference. (Summary and reflections on five session related to complexity and leadership at VHA’s Leadership Conference prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.)

  • Conference Report - By Ken Baskin and David Hutchens, "Leading From The Edge of Chaos: Complexity Theory and Health Care Leadership"
    (A comprehensive summary of this first national conference on complexity and health care. This conference and the report were generously underwritten by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.)

  • Presentation - By Ralph Stacey, Ph.D., University of Hertfordshire, Complexity and Management Centre, at April, 1996 VHA Leadership Conference, titled "Complexity & Creativity in Organizations." (Audiotape and overheads from this session are available.)

  • Presentation - By Gareth Morgan, Ph.D., York University, at April, 1997 VHA Leadership Conference, titled "The Practical Implications of Chaos and Complexity Theory." (Audiotape and overheads from this session are available.)

  • Presentation - by H. L. Perry Pepper, President, The Chester County Hospital, titled "Leadership and Complexity," a series of presentations given to middle managers in mid-1997. (Overheads and notes from the sessions are available.)

  • Presentation - by Linda M. Rusch, Vice President, Patient Care Services, Hunterdon Medical Center, titled "The Science of Complexity," a presentation given to departmental managers in November, 1997. (Overheads and notes from this presentation are available.)

  • Article - By Curt Lindberg & James H. Taylor. "From the Science of Complexity To Leading In Uncertain Times." Journal of Innovative Management, Summer, 1997, pp. 22-34. (An article which introduces managers to the science of complexity and explores the implications of the science for leadership and the role of the leader.)

  • Article - By Curt Lindberg, Alfred Herzog, Martin Merry and Jeffrey Goldstein. "Life at the Edge of Chaos - Health Care Applications of Complexity Science." The Physician Executive, January - February 1999, pp. 6 - 20.
    (This article seeks to introduce to health care practitioners the science of complexity and show how a complexity perspective can be helpful in dealing with both medical and health care organizational issues.)

  • Presentation material - by F. Stephen Larned, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Maine Medical Center - Copies of slides from the teaching material developed by Steve Larned to introduce health care leaders to complexity science and its implications for health care organizations. (Slides and accompanying notes are available.)

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