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Video Cassettes
  • "Machines Like Us" (8.23.96), ABC News
    An engaging and humorous "Night Line" broadcast which shows how machines can "learn" using simple rules and genetic algorithms.
    $29.95, plus shipping/handling. Item #: N96082301. Call 1-800-225-5222 or fax (313) 416-8203.

  • "The Color of Infinity" (12.10.97), Channel 13- WNET
    The story of the Mandelbrot set. This well-received PBS special explores the concept of fractals.
    Gifts: $29.95, plus shipping/handling/tax. Public Performance Review: $149.00+. Call 1-800-257-5126.

  • "Coping With Change in the High-Tech Environment" Stanford University
    Remarks by the chairman of Hewlett Packard about change. Many of his points are consistent with complexity.
    Series: CEO Forum: $249 + $20 shipping. No previews - 5 day guarantee upon receipt of delivery. Call 1-800-786-3738.

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