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Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide

Curt Lindberg
Complexity Management
VHA, Inc.
Cranbury, New Jersey

This Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide contains recommended learning material on the science of complexity and its implications for organizations, management, and healthcare. The material is organized as follows:

  • recommended books and articles
  • artifacts from VHA’s leadership development initiative
  • recommended journals
  • selected web sites
  • videocassettes
  • selected book summaries, articles and papers

This Resource Guide has been built to serve as a resource for those VHA member executives involved in the work of bringing to life promising new leadership and organizational concepts. It has been developed by Curt Lindberg, James Webber and Jeffrey Goldstein. It also incorporates suggestions from Thomas Petzinger, the Wall Street Journal reporter who writes "The Front Lines" column. Users are encouraged to suggest additions to the Resource Guide.


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