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EdgeAdapt Final Digest

The VHA-sponsored on-line discussion group, EdgeAdapt, has explored the issue of increasing organizational adaptability by tapping insights from the science of complexity. These notes provide a comprehensive digest of the 1998 work of the discussion group.

Purpose and Scope of the Group - The goal of the group was to identify and explore how concepts from the emerging science of complexity can be used to help leaders foster greater adaptability, flexibility, and creativity in their organizations. Contributions to the dialog came from theory – the study of complexity, and from practice – the experience of leaders applying complexity concepts in their work.

Participants - The members of the EdgeAdapt group were:

  • Rhonda Anderson, Hartford Hospital
  • Joseph Bujak, MD, Kootenai Medical Center and VHA Mountain States
  • Martha Dawson, RN, University of Louisville Hospital
  • Jeffrey Goldstein, PhD, Adelphi University
  • Frank Karel, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Mary Anne Keyes, RN, Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center
  • Curt Lindberg, VHA Inc.
  • Birute Regine, EdD, Harvest Writers
  • Linda Rusch, RN, Hunterdon Medical Center
  • Ken Smithson, MD, VHA Inc.
  • James Taylor, University of Louisville Hospital
  • Brenda Zimmerman, PhD, York University
  • Deborah Zastocki, RN, Chilton Memorial Hospital

Contents of this Digest - The contents from the group’s work are organized into the following sections:


Applications Contents

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